Metal's versatility opens it up to limitless applications, while delivering durability and longevity that surpasses many other interior materials. It blends function, form, beauty and style.


Metal cladding are available for ceilings, wall cladding, column cladding, stairs, partitions and railings applications. Interior metal cladding provides safety and protection, including fire resistance, while providing excellent acoustic control in ceiling and wall applications.


KASSO offers ready-to-install systems with standard or completely custom-designed installation methods such as mounting hardware, fasteners, carrier profiles and accessories to ensure safety while standing out with expanded mesh, perforated, pattern cut and 3D surfaced metals for these applications.


Greatly influenced by multiple standards, code requirements, and project-specific considerations, a ceiling and wall system’s acoustic success combines careful material selection, a balanced approach, expert installation, and dedicated teamwork between manufacturing companies, architects, acoustical engineers and specifiers. We would be pleased to assist you in finding the right acoustic solution with optimized efficiency for your project.