Bricklaying Works

Rabis Wire

A surface tension occurs on the surfaces to be plastered, rabis wire reduces this surface tension and thus prevents cracks that may occur later. It provides protection of the structures from external factors and provides resistance against earthquakes and various impacts.


KASSO rabis wires produced from galvanized or mild expanded steel mesh according to the quality and thickness of the mortar to be applied. Thanks to the use of rabis wire mesh, the works created are both visually smooth and make a significant difference in terms of durability.





Lintels are small beams, beam-like elements made on the upper part of the wall cavities in order to transfer the loads acting on the lintel, doors and windows, to the supports or load-bearing sections by carrying them.


It is the part used to spread the vertical loads on the two wings on the doors, windows, columns or architectural-like spaces. Lintels are flat parts, which can also be considered as simple beams made of perforated galvanized and bended sheets.