Safety and Security

Public and commercial sites are the most preferred areas for a maintenance-free, durable and stylish products for the purpose of privacy, protection, support and aesthetic design.


Several KASSO products for safety and security applications:


  • Garden/ bridge fences and stair/gallery/balcony railings for creating a visual screen, a physical barrier, fall protection and airflow reduction
  • Ventilation louvre for air ventilation, rain defence, sand/dust trap, sun protection, noise reduction, security and privacy to application area
  • Bird mesh panels ensures correct roof ventilation with air permeability while preventing small birds and insects from entering and nesting in roofs and attics.


KASSO product range offers, ready to install expanded mesh, perforated metals, pattern cut metals in various forms, systems/details, materials, sizes and colours to meet each individual project’s design aspect in accordance with aesthetic, technical and economic conditions.


This range of product are used as walkways, catwalks, interior and exterior stair treads, and access platforms. Most preferred products for industrial and architectural applications are highlighted below. Our wide range of products are suited to any project.

Detailed Review