Expanded Mesh Metal

KASSO Expanded Metal is economic, durable, sustainable- whether as a building envelope, interior or ceiling cladding, sun or privacy protection- and available both for architectural and industrial applications. The openings in the material allow flow through of air, water, and light, while still providing a screen. 


Expanded mesh metals can be made according to standard or specific measurements and are available both in sheets and coils.


Expanded mesh is available in a variety of forms, sizes, thicknesses, transparency to suit project design requirements. Apart from the existing molds, there is the opportunity to develop project-specific molds and products.


A selection of most preferred expanded mesh options are presented below.

Materials & Surfaces

Each surface design gives every building its individual character.


KASSO panels are available in a large variety of finishes and materials, which provides designers and architects the freedom to create a diverse range of patterns and designs.

Detailed Review
Materials & Surfaces