3D Surfaces

3-D imensional surfaces are available for aluminum, stainless steel, steel, copper, bronze, brass, and titanium alloys. Dual depth pattern metal surfaces are preferred for high-end finishes and customised designs. Patented forming method offers various kinds of pattern options for bespoke and project-based designs. Patterns presented here are a selected line of product, any pattern is available with this technology!


Technical Properties

Surface finish: Mirror finish, Powder Coated, Satin, Digital Printing

Technical aspects: Strength structural, Acoustic performance, Customizable

Application: Wall, Ceiling, Column cladding 

Application area: Interior and Exterior

Material: Aluminium, Stainless steel, Copper, Titaniumzinc, Brass



Thickness range: 0.60 mm – 4.00 mm

Max Width: 1250 mm

Max Length: 4000 mm

Materials & Surfaces

Each surface design gives every building its individual character.


KASSO panels are available in a large variety of finishes and materials, which provides designers and architects the freedom to create a diverse range of patterns and designs.

Detailed Review
Materials & Surfaces