About Us

KASSO ENGINEERING, is an Turkish engineering and fabrication company that is specialized in metal working industry since 1975. In 1986, expanded mesh and welded construction production has been involved in product range to widen opportunities in metal sheet manufacturing with the partnership of TEKŞAN&KASSO.

Today in İstanbul Anadolu Yakası Industrial Zone Headquarters, KASSO Engineering offers project based innovative solutions, ready to install products as a complete metal working company with the infrastructure of patented high technology machinery park.

KASSO is majored in expanded mesh metal, perforated panel and laser pattern cut panel production, for double skin facades, suspended ceiling, sun louvre and construction elements applications.

Aim is to expand the opportunities metal sheet designs both in industrial and architectural applications. KASSO, created the “Architectural Metal Cladding” concept in construction and architecture field.

Kasso has the aim of supplying quality products and service to their customers with workers, suppliers, clients, solution partners and sharers from society and environment to meet all expectations in high level, with the vision of deploying resources, being environmentally-conscious and open to improvement as one of leading company in Turkey and all over the world.